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Pedro Britto | Profile

 Britto, Pedro

Pedro Caldas de Britto
PhD student, M.Sc.

Werthmannstraße 6
79085 Freiburg

phone +49 761 203 3760
mail pedro.britto@foresteng.uni-freiburg.de


  • 2012: Master in Forest Sciences: UNICENTRO - Universidade Estadual do Centro-Oeste, Irati PR, Brazil.  Title of thesis: Analysis of ergonomic factors in implementing forest activities. Link
  • 2009: Graduation in Forestry: UDESC - Santa Catarina State University, Lages SC, Brazil.


Research interest

Forest Harvesting, Forest Roads and Transport, Ergonomics, secondary forest.


Current research projects

 Harvesting techniques and a potential model for forest wood supply chains from secondary forest in Brazil.


Selected publications

  • Anthropometric analysis of workers in forest planting operations. (2013) in FLORESTA magazine. Link
  • Biomechanical evaluation in workers of different statures at planting and fertilizing forest activities. (2014) in scientia forestalis magazine. Link


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