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New Article: Overview of Global Long-Distance Road Transportation of Industrial Roundwood


Overview of Global Long-Distance Road Transportation of Industrial Roundwood

Croatian Journal of Forest Engineering
doi: 10.5552/crojfe.2024.2286 
volume: 45, issue:
pp: 25


  • Kärhä Kalle 
  • Seuri Milla
  • Mac Donagh Patricio Miguel
  • Acuna Mauricio
  • Kanzian Christian
  • Petković Vladimir
  • Robert Renato Cesar Gonçalves
  • Costa Luis Henrique Suppi
  • da Cruz Rodrigo Coelho
  • Krumov Tihomir
  • Bradley Allan
  • Röser Dominik
  • Pinto Cristian
  • Dian Wang
  • Pandur Zdravko
  • Dvořák Jiri
  • Jørgensen Martin Torbjørn
  • Muiste Peeter
  • Irdla Marek
  • Ginet Christophe
  • Purfürst Thomas
  • Dietz Hans-Ulrich
  • Spinelli Raffaele
  • Suzuki Yasushi
  • Shirasawa Hiroaki
  • Lazdiņš Andis
  • Visser Rien
  • Harvey Campbell
  • Skjølaas Dag
  • Moskalik Tadeusz
  • Trzciński Grzegorz
  • Borz Stelian Alexandru
  • Muşat Elena Camelia
  • Triplat Matevž
  • Oberholzer Francois
  • Talbot Bruce
  • Tolosana Eduardo
  • von Hofsten Henrik
  • Akay Anil Orhan
  • Bakay Borys
  • Conrad IV Joseph
  • Olivera Alejandro
Article category:
Subject review
timber logistics, timber hauling, timber trucking, gross vehicle weight (GVW) limit, payload, transportation distance, transportation cost, cost efficiency



The aim of the study was to provide a comprehensive overview of global long-distance road transportation of industrial roundwood. The study focused on the maximum gross vehicle weight (GVW) limits allowed with different timber truck configurations, typical payloads in timber trucking, the road transportation share of the total industrial roundwood long-distance transportation volume, and the average long-distance transportation distances and costs of industrial roundwood. The study was carried out as a questionnaire survey. The questionnaire was sent to timber transportation logistics experts and research scientists in the 30 countries with the largest industrial roundwood removals in Europe, as well as selected major forestry countries in the world (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, Türkiye, the United States of America and Uruguay) in February 2022, and closed in May 2022. A total of 31 countries took part in the survey. The survey illustrated that timber trucking was the main long-distance transportation method of industrial roundwood in almost every country surveyed. Road transportation averaged 89% of the total industrial roundwood long-distance transportation volume. Timber truck configurations of 4 to 9 axles with GVW limits of around 30 tonnes to over 70 tonnes were most commonly used. The results indicated that higher GVW limits allowed significantly higher payloads in timber trucking, with the lowest payloads at less than 25 tonnes, and the highest payloads more than 45 tonnes. The average road transportation distance with industrial roundwood was 128 km, and the average long-distance transportation cost in timber trucking was €11.1 per tonne of timber transported. In the entire survey material, there was a direct relationship between transportation distance and transportation costs and an inverse relationship between maximum GVW limits and transportation costs. Consequently, in order to reduce transportation costs, it is essential to maximise payloads (within legal limits) and minimise haul distances. Several measures to increase cost- and energy-efficiency, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in road transportation logistics, are discussed in the paper. On the basis of the survey, it is recommended that up-to-date statistical data and novel research studies on the long-distance transportation of industrial roundwood be conducted in some countries in the future.

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