Forest Operations


Forest Operations is focused on human action in the forest.


The discipline of Forest Operations aims at the economic and resource efficient, as well as the social and environmentally sound establishment, design and evaluation of production processes and systems for the management and utilization of forests and landscapes. It serves the implementation of the goals of the forest and land use planning.


Forest Operations covers the following sub-topics:

  • Forest work and technology, including timber harvesting systems
  • Supply and conversion of woody biomass for energetic purposes
  • Forest road planning and geotechnics in rural areas
  • Development and optimization of transport systems from the forest to the mill
  • Methods for the improvement of supply, production and distribution logistics of wood products
  • Technological impact assessment and environmental impact assessment of management measures in the forest and open landscape


Forest Operations deals with the research and teaching of processes and systems, which are relevant for the implementation of utilization and protection interests inside and outside the forest. For this reason, Forest Operations significantly contributes to the solving of complex natural and socio-scientific problems in the forest and the open landscape.


Picture: Schönherr, 2014


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